Take polyglot shortcuts to languages

Build up your new practical language learning habit without sacrificing your professional or personal life

  • Learn with practical video learning materials independently at your own pace

  • Every module consists of core learning know-how, practical engagement activities and supporting materials

  • Life-time access to all the materials and know-how

Why students learn with us?

  • They need to improve speaking skills in limited time

  • They need to find more time for learning in everyday life

  • They want to find new motivation and inspiration

  • They need to maintain work-life balance while learning

  • They need someone to help them organize learning

  • They need to increase efficiency of memorizing new vocabulary

What's included?

Think as a polyglot

Module #1

Forget all the previous methods, tips and language school courses that didn't work for you. Start to understand how to manage, organize and build up your new language learning environment. Take the best of the polyglot's world to increase your learning efficiency to unprecedented levels.

How to go about learning languages?

Module #2

Change your mentality about language learning from "old" language learning styles to the most modern, efficient and lifestyle-friendly. We carefully show you, advice and explain how to grasp effective language activities to save time, money and gain confidence. Watch the first learning COMBO (there's 6 more!) to copy and paste polyglot techniques.

Digital conversation partners

Module #3

Let us show you where and how to source the ​best digital conversation partners. Once you find one you like, learn insights on how to effectively​ guide him towards your speaking goals. Get inspiration and best practices from more than hundred of success cases.

Powerful learning techniques

Module #4

Understand how the Internet is a game-changer in your online language learning. Take inspiration from the video bundle on topics like how to "supercharge" your mobile phone with valuable content, why to study grammar only in later stage or listen to how Michal overcomes periods when he is tired and going gets tough​. It looks like you have worked hard - let's mid-asses now!

Bulletproof your effectiveness

Module #5

The best time-proven tips for sustainable, efficient and straightforward language learning are shared, advised and implemented to your language​ learning here. Wondering how? We hold your hand at every stage of language learning, so don't worry to make mistakes. Are you still wondering how to memorize new vocabulary? We got you covered!

Digital learning environment

Module #6

Now we are going really deep, this week is for students who want to tweak language learning to the ​next level by exploiting the opportunities offered by the Internet in the smart way. You don't have to search anymore, we will send you all the good stuff straight to your account.

Sustainable long-term learning strategy

Module #7

Language learning COMBO #6 is teaching you how to do everyday listening, how to go about reading, another language learning app is recommended and as usually a big portion of language motivation is spready across all the students on a skype class. We are your source of motivation for language learning. Rely on us.

Master new language habit

Module #8

We want to make sure we implement your next language​ learning habit into your daily agenda before we finish. Let's finish up by the last language learning COMBO speaking about morning sport activities, golden list methods, Memrise app, free give-aways and finding even more time. By now you have built up your new language learning habit.


See what language learners say about the language accelerator

HR Director & Coach

Martina Belišová

I recommend this methodology of learning foreign languages. Michael and Matus as tutors are very helpful and they give me many useful practical advice and hints. They are helping me to achieve my learning goals as well. My learning is much more effective, funny and interesting. One of the best things is that I don't have to commute to learn 👍

"Hack your language learning"

Peter Semancik, Software salesperson

My goal was to focus on my professional Business English in IT at my work, where I'm in contact with customers and partners. Language habit surprised me mainly because it's led by professionals with years of experience in teaching languages, having the know-how to teach students through e-learning platforms. During the whole course, I was supported and mentored by the trainers that were checking my progress each week. At the end of the project, I realized that I have good tools in my pockets that I can utilize while learning any foreign language.

"Guys guide me well on my language learning journey"

Haishen Yu, Academic Teacher

"I managed to form a new language learning habit successfully - this was my goal from the beginning. Techniques are demonstrated in very friendly and practical way so you pick them up instantly. Regardless of where you are at learning languages, The Language Habit course got you covered."

"Don't give up, understand your self-motivation instead!"

Julia Ekk, Procurement Agent

"I learnt modern and very helpful techniques, which help me both to develop my speaking skills and acquire new information effectively every day. In the course I understood how to increase my overall commitment to learning languages without disrupting my daily schedule. I was losing so much energy before, ach."

"Language Habit is about taking shortcuts to speaking skills"

Agata Welna, Hotel&Tourism Sector

"I understood how to use modern and activity-oriented shortcuts to improve my speaking skills when learning time is limited. Recently, I have been unemployed and when the right job offer appeared, I wanted to start speaking from day #1, instead of spending much time preparing, searching, trying out..."

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Course contents

  • 1

    Think as a polyglot (Module 1)

  • 2

    How To Go About Learning Languages? (Module 2)

    • Input vs. Output Activities

    • Find Your Own Pace For Language Learning

    • Language Learning Combo #1

    • Engagement Activities 2/8

    • Doing the right thing at the right time (Blog Post)

    • Copy of Language Learning Diary 2/8

    • How to go about language learning - Quiz 02

  • 3

    My Digital Conversation Partners (Module 3)

    • Explaining benefits of speaking

    • How to Find Affordable and Reliable Teachers Online

    • Interview with my Favourite Spanish Teacher

    • Language Learning Combo #2

    • Engagement Activities 3/8

    • Polyglot Tips - How to Guide Digital Conversation Partner to Achieve Results (Blog Post)

    • Interview With Ex-English Teacher - How to Guide Digital Conversation Partner to Achieve Results (Blog Post)

    • Language learning Diary 3/8

    • My digital conversation partners - Quiz 03

  • 4

    Powerful Learning Techniques (Module 4)

    • Supercharge Your Mobile Phone With Internet Language Learning

    • What to Do Should You Get Stuck?

    • Language Learning Combo #3

    • Engagement Activities 4/8

    • When Is The Best Time To Study Grammar? (Blog Post)

    • Language Learning Diary 4/8

    • Midway Sum-up

    • Powerful Learning Techniques - Quiz 04

  • 5

    Bulletproof Your Effectiveness (Module 5)

    • Agenda and Time as Main Resource

    • How to Memorise Vocabulary?

    • Learn Online What's Efficient Online, Learn Offline What's Efficient Offline.

    • Language Learning Combo #4

    • Engagement Activities 5/8

    • Where to Get the Best Content for Language Learning? (Blog Post)

    • Language Learning Diary 5/8

    • Bulletproof Your Effectiveness - Quiz 05

  • 6

    Digital Learning Environment (Module 6)

    • The Power of Social Media

    • Follow Valuable Creators

    • Language Learning Combo #5

    • Engagement Activities 6/8

    • Michal On His Mobile In Everyday Life (Blog Post)

    • Language Learning Diary 6/8

    • Language Learning Diary 6/8

  • 7

    Sustainable Long-term Learning Strategy (Module 7)

    • Michal's Recommendations For Long-term Success

    • How I Learnt Russian Language Without Travelling to Russia

    • What to do in the first 12 months, when starting a totally new language?

    • Language Learning Combo #6

    • Engagement Activities 7/8

    • I am a Confident Learner, Because I am Doing It Right! (Blog Post)

    • Language Learning Diary 7/8

    • Copy of Sustainable Long-term Learning Strategy - Quiz 07

  • 8

    Master New Language Habit (Module 8)

    • How to Sustain New Language Habit?

    • Big Sum-up Video

    • Language Learning Combo #7

    • Engagement Activities 8/8

    • I Know My Priorities, I Know What My Goal Is (Blog Post)

    • Language Learning Diary 8/8

    • Master New Language Habit - Quiz 08

If you have any questions, let's chat!


  • How is The Language Habit Online course going to help me speak a foreign language?

    The Language habit trains you the main principles on how the polyglot-efficiency language learning process works in just 8 modules. You gain lifetime access to the interactive learning platform, where you can pick up principles you like, implement them to your daily agenda and become fluent in the least amount of time.

  • What is the main outcome of the accelerator??

    It's what we call "The Language Habit". It's the most straightforward and personalized way for conversations with native speakers. It's like the 4G internet network, you can use 3G but why lose time and money?

  • How is training organized in the accelerator?

    All the language learning materials are accessible through our website. We also have an e-mail guide plus a private messenger group where we respond pretty quickly. There are 3 learning layers - CORE layer (knowledge base) where full polyglot-level learning style is shared, ENGAGEMENT TASKS layer - to get you started doing small steps immediately and EXTENDED layer - extra materials for everybody with countless resources, tips, influencers, webpages, stories, links...

  • Who is Language Learning Accelerator for?

    If you want to speed up, you feel stuck with your current language school or teacher, fed up with standard methods, not satisfied​ with mainstream approaches or you need to start from scratch with a new language. Feel free to book a free 15 minute learning strategy call where we answer all the questions you might have.

  • What modules are included in the Language Learning Accelerator?

    Scroll up and read carefully about what's included in the 8 week online training. To put it short, it's a combination of videos, language learning combos, resources, engaging tasks, supportive materials, personalized recommendations and more. All tailor-made and co-developed with students.

  • Do we have skype classes in The Language Habit?

    No. Live session are not available in this course. Go check the "8-week accelerator" for personalized support.

  • What is the language of instructions and learning materials?

    All our materials are in English. But we are pleased to support you in any language we speak. Don't hesitate to ask us! Okay, we give you a hint - Slovak, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Czech, Italian...

  • Are you going to refund me, if I am not satisfied?

    We evaluate every case separately and do the maximum for you to get you on the right tracks for language learning. We are going to investigate the reasons for your dissatisfaction properly and then decide. If you are not sure, if this is the right online course for you, just jump on a free 15-minute learning strategy call with us. Also, you can check our terms of service on the checkout page.

  • Are there any payment plans?

    You can either split your payment into to two equal​ payments or receive a ​10 % discount when paid upfront for all 8 modules. Send us an email on what you prefer.