"We Boost Language Learning Motivation"

In the digital era, we need to learn languages in a limited time period. Finding new time every day without sacrificing family time or work-life balance might feel as a big challenge. Let me explain.

What If I tell you, you can now learn languages the way that fits your daily schedule and there are no more evening language courses needed. Do you want to improve your speaking skills by talking to authentic native speakers without having to leave your living room, let alone your country? My name is Michal, and I boost your motivation and inspiration for language learning! I have learnt 9 foreign languages in past and put together best short-cuts to fluency that anyone can instantly copy-paste.

I help language students organize language learning and reduce unnecessary costs associated with it.

Michal Scibior

My name is Michal Scibior and I am a self-taught polyglot from Poland. I share my best, time-proven language learning methods through online training. I help language learners around the globe follow successful language learning paths by providing personalized support.
Language Habit

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What is Language Habit about?

Language learners do these unnecessary mistakes

  • We study topics and vocabulary that doesn't match our actual needs.

  • We are shy and afraid to speak out loud because we are beginners.

  • We learn foreign languages at school or language classes only

  • Studying grammar books and correcting mistakes prevent us from conversations

  • We don't have a learning strategy and we loose years being stuck at the same level

  • We use old methods that are boring, inefficient and interrupt our daily schedule

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"Hack Your Language Learning" | Peter Semančík Testimonial

"Hack your language learning"

Peter Semancik, Software salesperson

Peter decided to upgrade his career and found a new job in IT company. He had some level of English, but the speaking requirements for his new sales position were much higher. Let's see what he said after he attended Language Learning Accelerator: "My goal was to focus on my professional Business English in IT at my work, where I'm in contact with customers and partners. Language habit surprised me mainly because it's led by professionals with years of experience in teaching languages, having the know-how to teach students through e-learning platforms. During the whole course, I was supported and mentored by the trainers that were checking my progress each week. At the end of the project, I realized that I have good tools in my pockets that I can utilize while learning any foreign language."

"Guys guide me well on my language learning journey"

Haishen Yu, University Teacher

Going to work abroad for several months (and several times) made Haishen question whether he is ready to speak on a daily basis in a new country. Improving speaking skills fast, in limited preparation time, was Haishen's priority. Let's see what he said after attending Language Learning Accelerator: "I managed to form a new language learning habit successfully - this was my goal from the beginning. Techniques are demonstrated in very friendly and practical way so you pick them up instantly. Regardless of where you are at learning languages, The Language Habit course got you covered."

"Don't give up, understand your self-motivation instead!"

Julia Ekk, Procurement Agent

Julia wanted to improve her speaking skills. She was able to handle job-oriented conversations, but anything beyond that was slow and blurry. She became hungry for new information, but unfortunately, it wasn't available in her native language. Thus she had to find new ways how to improve speaking while having a full-time job. Let's see what Julia said after attending Langauge Learning Accelerator: "I learnt modern and very helpful techniques, which help me both to develop my speaking skills and acquire new information effectively every day. In the course, I understood how to increase my overall commitment to learning languages without disrupting my daily schedule. I was losing so much energy before, ach."

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