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WHY students learn languages with us?

  • 1. They need to improve speaking skills in limited time

  • 2. They need to find more time for learning in everyday life

  • 3. They want to find a new source of motivation and inspiration

  • 4. They need to maintain work-life balance while learning languages

  • 5. They want to achieve job promotion through speaking a foreign language

  • 6. They need to increase efficiency of memorizing new vocabulary

  • 7. They need someone to help them organize their learning

  • 8. They need a personalized support to help them find right materials

  • 9. They want to reduce unnecessary costs of learning how to set your daily agenda to boost your efficiency to unprecedented levels.....

Why should YOU care?

  • We meet language learners who lack learning strategy on a daily basis. They struggle to find motivation to continue learning foreign languages and loose too much time on activities that don't work for them. You could do a better job!

  • It's easy to learn any language when you use smart learning approach. However, no worries this would cut off huge amounts of your time in your day. We will teach you exact techniques to follow to build up your own sustainable learning style.

If you have any questions, let's chat!


co-developed with students for students


    20 years of experience with learning 8+ languages combined with best practices of 130 language success stories into one easy to pick-up language technique. Crafted with students.


    We believe learning a language is a journey worth enjoying it! We teach you how to learn languages in an engaging, practical and funny way. Have fun exploring education videos.


    Develop your language skills from Day #1. We show you what to focus on and what to leave behind. You can now embrace your new language in​ the most straightforward way.


    Student's success is the only priority at Language Habit. We continuously reevaluate and incorporate student's feedback, therefore we guarantee high quality. We listen first and answer all your questions!


    We lead language students via online skype sessions. Ask us anything at any stage of your journey. Student is our BOSS and we are here to support you. Get extra inspiration from the private support group on FB.


    Discover learning materials that are engaging, learner-friendly, tailored to language students and shot in an ​authentic learning environment. We mentor you on regular one-to-one/group online classes

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"Hack Your Language Learning" | Peter Semančík Testimonial


See what language learners say about the language accelerator

HR Director & Coach

Martina Belišová

I recommend this methodology of learning foreign languages. Michael and Matus as tutors are very helpful and they give me many useful practical advice and hints. They are helping me to achieve my learning goals as well. My learning is much more effective, funny and interesting. One of the best things is that I don't have to commute to learn 👍

"Hack your language learning"

Peter Semancik, Software salesperson

My goal was to focus on my professional Business English in IT at my work, where I'm in contact with customers and partners. Language habit surprised me mainly because it's led by professionals with years of experience in teaching languages, having the know-how to teach students through e-learning platforms. During the whole course, I was supported and mentored by the trainers that were checking my progress each week. At the end of the project, I realized that I have good tools in my pockets that I can utilize while learning any foreign language.

"Guys guide me well on my language learning journey"

Haishen Yu, Academic Teacher

"I managed to form a new language learning habit successfully - this was my goal from the beginning. Techniques are demonstrated in very friendly and practical way so you pick them up instantly. Regardless of where you are at learning languages, The Language Habit course got you covered."

"Don't give up, understand your self-motivation instead!"

Julia Ekk, Procurement Agent

"I learnt modern and very helpful techniques, which help me both to develop my speaking skills and acquire new information effectively every day. In the course I understood how to increase my overall commitment to learning languages without disrupting my daily schedule. I was losing so much energy before, ach."

"Language Habit is about taking shortcuts to speaking skills"

Agata Welna, Hotel&Tourism Sector

"I understood how to use modern and activity-oriented shortcuts to improve my speaking skills when learning time is limited. Recently, I have been unemployed and when the right job offer appeared, I wanted to start speaking from day #1, instead of spending much time preparing, searching, trying out..."

"We believe we can train you to build up your own language habit"

Did you know?

Most language learners struggle to use language learning techniques after years learning languages.

Average language learners

...cannot keep up the pace with language learning options. They are overwhelmed and don't know where to start learning. Even after 2-3 year of learning foreign languages they cannot speak a language. As a result, their language skills are very limited.

Language habit's students grow faster

We help our students to build their own language learning habits in 3 months. Thank to our online training program, learning experience, and support, our students adopt new speaking skills faster.